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What are the USES of quartz glass?

Since quartz glass has a series of functions that cannot be replaced by other materials, the application of quartz glass touches many skill fields:
1, because quartz glass has excellent high temperature resistance function, so it is used in metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries that need high temperature resistance equipment.
2. Used in the fields of nuclear industry and aerospace, the observation Windows and thermal insulation shells of rockets and spaceships are made of quartz glass.
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3. Because the chemical stability of quartz glass under high temperature cannot be compared with other engineering data, it has been used in chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries.
4. Because of its high temperature resistance and high transmittance, quartz glass is used in high-tech fields such as national defense, military industry and new electric light source.
5, because of the spectral characteristics of quartz glass, can not only through the visible light, but also through the infrared ray, ultraviolet ray, so it is used in microelectronics, information, laser and astronomy, optical fiber is made of quartz glass.