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The attention points of cleaning optical glass before and after coating are introduced

Glass that alters the direction of light and the relative spectral distribution of ultraviolet, visible, or infrared light. Optical glass can be divided into: colorless optical glass, optical glass, irradiation-resistant optical glass, colored optical glass, ultraviolet and infrared optical glass, optical quartz glass and so on. The cleaning of optical glass is divided into coating before, coating after cleaning, processing industry and commerce should be with according to coating before and after the contamination is not the same, choose different cleaning method, choose coating before optical glass cleaning agent.
1, optical glass coating before cleaning before coating cleaning pollutants are core oil (also known as edge grinding oil, core is also known as core, core, refers to the regular radius and core precision and the selection of procedures), handprint, dust, etc. Because coating process is strict to the requirement of lens cleanliness, so the choice of cleaning agent is very important.
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2, optical glass coating after cleaning usually includes before ink cleaning, before bonding cleaning and before assembly cleaning, which before bonding cleaning (bonding refers to the two lenses with photosensitive adhesive bonding into a regular shape, or to produce a more curvature, light transmittance of a process) strict requirements. The contaminant that should be cleaned before joining is the mixture that if dust, handprint, clean difficulty is not big, but have high requirement on lens exterior cleanness, its clean method is same as before two clean. After coating can not use strong alkaline cleaning agent, the need for coating optical glass cleaning agent, strong cleaning power, can be intact film retention. So optical glass coating, usually advocated after the use of coating optical glass cleaning agent.